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>>Student Ministries Pastor: Max Garter -
>>Student Ministries Assistant: Lauren Mlaker -

>> Mission: Crossroads Student Ministries is a community of students seeking Christ and the real life transformation that comes from a relationship with Him. Students are encouraged and challenged to EXPERIENCE Christ and the power of the Gospel in order that they may EXPRESS His life and love at work in their lives to the world around them.

>> Vision: Crossroads Student Ministries serves JH + HS students and their families. Our vision is to see students raised up as devoted, wholehearted, followers of Christ. This meaning, they have counted the cost, and found Christ worthy and chosen to live a life surrendered to Him. We desire to equip students to grow in their understanding of “who they are” and “why they are here”.    This will be done through; seeking to know and experience God through His Word, a love of Christ and embodiment of the Gospel, development of Christian worldview, purposeful relationships, and transparent community. Practically, this will happen in Large Group Gatherings, Small Group discipleship, service opportunities, and intentional events and trips.

>> Large Group Gatherings: We gather together to seek God and be changed by Him.   The Word of God is central during our Gatherings as we pray, worship, and grow in transparent relationships together.

Gathering Rhythm: During the school year (September- May), Large Group Gatherings take place bi-weekly, on Sunday evenings, from 6-8pm at Crossroads. Throughout the summer (June- August), we meet once a month.  Please see the calendar for specific dates and details.

>> Small Groups: Each student has the opportunity and privilege to be involved in a small group, rooted in discipleship. Students who engage in a small group will build Christ-centered relationships with their peers, have in-depth study of God’s Word, and participate in prayer and accountability. These groups are designed to engage students in the midst of their real life struggles and joys as they interact with a close-knit group of peers and participate in a variety of activities that will help them apply the gospel in their daily life.

Small Group Rhythm: Each small group has a leader (or leaders) who is responsible for pursuing, leading, and discipling their students.  Small groups meet at various locations on the alternate night of Large Group Gatherings.

>> Service: Serving and loving others is our response to being transformed by the love of Christ and experiencing the gospel.  It is an expression of our faith. We value serving because it takes the focus off of self and directs us towards Christ and the advancement. Because of this, we offer and value regular service opportunities throughout the year.

>> Events/Trips:  The purpose of other events and trips is two-fold; it focuses on further developing life-giving relationships between students and leaders and also provides opportunity for discipleship and growth in Christ. These times together also offer opportunities for students to share transparently and serve other, two major components of the Christian walk that help shape genuine disciples of Christ.

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The Gospel changes people from the inside out. Christ gives us a radically new identity, freeing us from both
self-righteousness and self-condemnation.