Crossroads - Prayer
Prayer is central to a walk with God as seen throughout God’s word.  Click Here - you’ll find 154 instances of the word prayer ranging from Isaac’s prayer for God to give Rebekah children, to Jesus’ teaching on what prayer should look like and a description of the prayers of God’s people that rise up as incense before His throne.  We are called to pray!  To pray in secret, pray for each other in community, pray for our enemies and to “by prayer” make our requests known to God.

As a church community we’ve provided the following ways to seek prayer, get prayer or gather to pray:

Do you have a praise or prayer request?

•    Send via email to
•    Fill out the prayer request section of the weekly “Happenings” sheet from either campus and drop in the offering bucket
•    Bring it to your house church

Prayer requests will be reviewed and published to a prayer community unless you request it remain private.  In this case requests go to the prayer team and the elders only.

Do you have a desire to pray with someone?

•    During each gathering there is a place for you to go and be prayed over by our prayer team.  See signs at each campus.
•    Pray it through with a house church by contacting Brad Klaver –

Are you developing a passion for prayer?

•    Get involved with the 24/7 prayer movement.
•    Keep an eye out for ongoing opportunities to gather & pray in the Upper Room
•    Serve on a prayer team – email and let us know you want to serve.  Someone will be in touch.
•    Discover more about house churches and intentional prayer communities – email Brad Klaver –



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