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Life Transformation Groups are gender-specific groups of 2-4 trusted individuals that meet regularly and focus specifically on areas of accountability, studying scripture, and prayer.  LTG’s are meant to be formed through natural relationships and are to act as catalysts for deep community, spiritual growth and sharpening, and going.

How often does an LTG meet? Groups should plan to meet approximately one hour a week. The group agrees on a time and location for their meeting that fits their schedule. The group does only three things during the meeting. They discuss their Bible reading, ask one another character-building questions, and pray for family and friends who do not yet know Christ.

How much Bible reading is required? Each group selects a book of the Bible to read through. They agree on how much reading to do each week. A week’s reading assignment is repeated until everyone in the group is able to complete it in one week. The amount of reading is decided by the group. The number of chapters per week varies with the groups but ranges from 10 chapters to 28 chapters per week. If the group is reading a book of the Bible with fewer chapters - e.g. James -they may agree to read the book through two or three times in one week.
Here is a suggestion for how your group might decide how much reading to do each week. The first time you meet select the book of the Bible you wish to read. Then agree on how much time each day you will spend reading. For example, you group might decide to read each day for 15 minutes. At the end of the week determine how much reading each group member can accomplish in 15 minutes a day. It would be a good idea to set a stretch goal. Most people can read 15 – 30 chapters a week if they read 15 minutes a day.
Once you have set the group goal the group stays on a reading assignment until everyone completes the entire reading in one week. Sometimes this means a group will re-read a passage several times. The pay-off is that you are getting more familiar with the Bible – God’s word to men and women.

What are Character-Building questions? At each meeting group members ask one another character-building/accountability questions. These questions should stimulate conversations of character and confession of sin in a safe environment that values honesty, vulnerability, confidentiality, and grace. Crossroads has a prepared list of sample questions that the group may choose to use - or a group can write their own set of questions.

How does missional prayer work? Some time at each meeting is devoted to pray for members of the group as well as specific family and friends who don’t know Christ. Each person in the group should identify two or three people for whom they are praying and share these names with the group. Each group member commits to pray for each of these people everyday - as well as during the group meeting.

How do I join an LTG? You may start your own LTG by inviting one or two other people to join you or you may join an existing group that has an opening.

How do I start an LTG? LTG’s are led by the Holy Spirit. You can begin your own by asking one or two others to join you. Individuals forming a group might commit to an LTG for a specified time e.g. 3-6 months. At the end of that time group members may recommit or decide to disband.  It is important that all members are committed to one another and that participation does not feel like a chore or a forced meeting.

What does a group talk about in a typical group meeting? The character-building questions stimulate conversation. Some time is also spent talking about the week’s Bible reading. Often questions arise or new insights can be shared. Finally, the group spends some time praying for one another and for two or three pre-Christian friends and family. The success of an LTG depends on the level of trust developed between the participants. Absolute commitment to confidentiality will allow for sharing, accountability, intimacy, and true life transformation.

Why is the group size limited to two or three people? There are several reasons for keeping the group small:
First, with only two or three schedules to coordinate, it is easier for a group of two or three to find time to meet each week.
Secondly, in a one hour meeting there just isn’t time to allow each member of the group to share their answers to the accountability questions and to have time to discuss the Bible reading if the group is larger than three.
Third, developing trust and confidentiality is important in an LTG and easier to maintain with a group of two or three people of the same gender.

What happens if our group grows larger than three people? As a group grows larger it can choose one of two paths:
First, a group of four or more people may decide to stay together and change the character of the group from a Life Transformation Group to a Bible Study Group, Prayer Group, Service Group, or another type of growth group. This transition will occur as a result of the increase in size as it will be difficult to maintain an LTG format with more than three people.
Secondly, as a fourth member is added to the LTG, the group may decide to divide and multiply. That is, a group of four will divide into two groups of two. Each of these groups may invite a third person to join and the LTG will multiply.
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