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A house church is not just a small group, Bible study, social gathering, or meal-sharing weekly meeting.  It does involve all of those things…but it goes much further than that.

A house church community is a group of people who are committed to living their lives together as they worship God, get trained and equipped for ministry, and make disciples TOGETHER...over time.  We believe that being involved in community centered on the great commission (Matt 28:18-20) is critical to being the church rather than simply going to church.  House Church communities are designed to bring together people and ideas in a gospel-centered way to renew our city.
More detailed information and the vision behind House Churches.

Find A Community

House Churches are not simply for those who attend Crossroads Bible Church.  They are also for those who are seeking to find out what it means to be a part of an active community of Christ-followers.  We invite you to check out and become a part of the house church movement.  Find a community based on missional focus or location.

Location Based House Churches

Arbor Hills (NE) | Chuck + Brenda Bennett - Neighborhood-Focused 
Northview (NE) | Tony + Vicki Degrazier and Jeff + Deb Visser
**FULL**  Fulton Heights/Eastown | Eric + Jen DeKorte and Kevin + Sarah Wilson /
Allendale (NW) | Phyllis+ Bob Cegelis
**Full**Walker (NW) | Dan + Faith VanEnk
Kentwood (SE) | Matt + Melissa Lane
Byron Center (SW) | Tim + Lynda Roersma
**FULL**Cutlerville (SW) | Bryan + Judy Boone and Patrick + Deb Roersma /
**FULL** East GR | Andrew + Shanna Norden
**FULL** SouthEast GR | Tom + Sarah Molenkamp and Kyle + Bethany Stob / 

Focus Based House Churches

Abba's Answer | Dave + Christina Harangozo and Matt + Katie Grandy
**FULL**Engaged/New Marriages | Hudsonville | Matt + Madeline Boersen 
Parents of Students | Worship House (NW) | Dan + Jill TeBos
**FULL** | Marriage Focus | Geoff + Heather McGannon and Drew + Alyssa Wagner 
**FULL** | Engaged/Newly Married | Brian + Kim LeCleir 

Start Your Own

If you have a specific missional focus, be it a particular part of town, neighborhood, street corner or group of people in mind, and can’t find an existing house church community that applies, or is in your area, we’ll help you begin one. Email us to get started.

Need More?

If you have additional questions about house church communities, email us or check out the blog for more information about what’s going on.

House Church Stories


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The Gospel changes people from the inside out. Christ gives us a radically new identity, freeing us from both
self-righteousness and self-condemnation.