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What is a House Church?

House Churches are the most basic expression of the church. When followers of Jesus link arm-in-arm to work together in sincere worship, and genuine community to accomplish a part of the mission of God, they are the church.  Together engaging in worship, community and mission, a house church becomes a participant in the powerful ecclesiological movement of the kingdom of God.  Community for community’s sake will only reach so far and soon, once the need for person-to-person connection has been met, community will dwindle.  However, when community is centered on a particular missional focus, be it a neighborhood, area of the city, part of the world, or the needy residing within, community naturally happens, and will continue to remain vibrant.  And it is in this environment that natural, genuine discipleship occurs.

People cannot reach their street corner alone…neither should we expect them to.  Instead, banding together with a small group of people, the missional drive and capacity of each believer increases significantly. We need one another in this effort to fulfill the great commission.  This is the value of being linked together with others in a house church.

House Churches are communities:

•    that pray together…for one another…and for the lost
•    where the mission of Jesus fuels the gathering
•    where the lifestyle of making disciples is not taught, but modeled through real incarnational interactions and relationships.
•    that allow for natural inclusion of others based on a shared passion for a particular missional focus rather than an ambiguous suggestion to join.
•    that focus not solely on those at Crossroads but exist to welcome others into community
•    where our worship, bible study, and conversation are driven by a desire to be equipped for mission and are driven by the mission that is occurring
•    that actively participate in the sacraments and the pursuit of the gifts of the Spirit together
•    that have a heart to reach and engage more people with the Gospel in order to make and multiply disciples and, in turn, the kingdom of God.

These House Churches are not entities unto themselves but also need the larger church community, leadership and resources in order to strengthen, empower and help direct the House Church movement. The larger church expression exists to serve the smaller and not the other way around.

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The Gospel changes people from the inside out. Christ gives us a radically new identity, freeing us from both
self-righteousness and self-condemnation.