Crossroads - GOing Short-Term
GOing We believe the good news of the kingdom is the most important commodity with which the church and the people of God have been entrusted.  So we place great value on engaging the lost. We believe that the church should not expect lost people to come and find us but that we are called and sent to “seek and save that which was lost.” While we understand that our most transforming ministry will take place at our personal street-corner and in our own city, we value the mission of God to reach the whole world.  We assume responsibility for the world, not because we believe we can reach it alone but because we accept the mandate of the great commission and the heart of God to love and sacrifice for the discipleship of the whole world. We accept this apostolic mandate to send and be sent into every part of the world and our place in partnership with the global church.



Planning on Going Somewhere?

The elders at Crossroads have budgeted certain funds to provide partial assistance for Crossroads people who feel called of God to engage in short-term missions projects. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance  you must meet three pre-requisites.

1.  Have been a partner at Crossroads Bible Church for at least 6 months.

2.  Serving either at Crossroads or somewhere in the Grand Rapids community.

3.  Meet the Crossroads Missions Focus Group criteria.

Please answer the questions below and send them to  (

Contact info
How long have you have been attending Crossroads?
Are you a Partner (member)? *In order to request funds from Crossroads, you must be a Partner.
Dates of trip
Details of trip (what you will be doing, organization/who you are going with, cost, etc)
Details about you (relationship with God, heart for missions/this trip, etc)
Break-down of your budget for this trip.
Expect 1 month (so plan ahead!) before receiving a response, this will allow for the Missions Group to meet together and prayerfully condiser your request, or arrange to meet with you.

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